If water dispersions are required in the manufacture of your products, contact us to inquire about our offer. Once we establish our cooperation, we guarantee an individual approach to your orders. You can also find more details about our AKRYVIL water dispersions on our website.

Origin of AKRYVIL water dispersions

  • Market demand

    Continuously increasing demand for water dispersions
  • Idea

    D&R gets the idea to create an original and ecological product
  • Design

    A modern laboratory develops a proprietary dispersion recipe
  • Testing

    The product is improved by internal testing
  • Implementation

    AKRYVIL water dispersions are placed on the market

Improved procedure,
to obtain varied parameters

AKRYVIL – water dispersions of acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic copolymers are high-quality products. Their production process is based on various parameters such as dry matter content, viscosity, average particle size, vitrification temperature or minimum film formation temperature. This allows us to supply raw materials perfectly adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers.

friendly to the environment

At D&R Dispersions and Resins, we make sure that our production process does not interfere in the environment and that our products are ecological.

APPLICATION Akryvil® water dispersions are widely used to manufacture dispersive paints (interior and exterior emulsion paints), wood protective paints (enamels, varnishes and wood preservatives), polymer plasters, surface primers, plaster mastics and filler putties or non-solvent adhesives and to impregnate fabrics and paper.

Dispersions resistant to alkaline hydrolysis are used as binders in mortar when mixed with hydraulically bound cement, to modify concrete and as an intermediate layer between old and new concrete, and in screeds.

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